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2033 Tile Adhesive

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2033 Clear Tile Adhesive
2033 Clear Thin Spread Tile Adhesive is a clear set, solvent free, pressure sensitive adhesive made for the interior installation of asphalt and vinyl composition tile (VCT) and closed-cell foam-back hardwood parquet over approved substrates. This adhesive was formulated to be fast drying for quick installation. Tiles can be installed up to 24 hours after initial drying if the area remains dust and dirt free. Product has excellent moisture resistance – up to 5.0 lbs./1000 sq. ft./24 hours (2.27 kg/92.9 m2/24 hours) using an anhydrous calcium chloride moisture test according to ASTM F-1869 method. Taylor 2033 is a solvent-free, low-odor adhesive that meets all Federal, State and local govern-ment indoor air quality regulations. Do not use to install solid vinyl backed flooring.