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2055 Carpet Adhesive

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2055 Carpet Adhesive
2055 Fast Tac Carpet Adhesive is a fast-tacking, solvent-free, ultra premium adhesive for the interior installation of both direct glue down and double glue down commercial carpets. This adhesive has been specially designed to provide quick grab with fast wet suction and holding power for bonding the most difficult to install carpet backings. Use to install the following carpet backings: woven polypropylene (Action Bac®), unitary (smooth and rough), polyurethane laminate, polyurethane foam (attached cushion), rubber foam, woven carpet, jute, and hot melt backings. Do not use on vinyl-back carpets. Product has excellent moisture resistance – up to 5.0 lbs./1000 sq. ft./24 hours using an anhydrous Calcium Chloride Moisture test according to ASTM F-1869 method. This product is not recommended for outdoor use.