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ICT Caribe L.L.C. offers full turnkey installation services for the products we distribute. Many times it is important to contract with ICT Caribe in order to ensure all of the contractors installing these high quality products on your projects are fully trained and approved. A turnkey installation by ICT Caribe ensures that the highest quality of workmanship will be employed and that all materials and labor are within full warranty compliance. Many times 15 year warranties are available.

See our ICT Caribe Quality Assurance Program for more details.





  • Removal of existing flooring and coatings, loose or deteriorated concrete and underlayment.
  • Shot blasting & dustless diamond grinding.


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Installation of Moisture Barrier Systems:


ICT Caribe can manage the installation of our Moisture Barrier Systems working with our approved and trained contractors. All job site conditions are verified and installation methods monitored to ensure the full 15 year warranty compliance.

  • Koster VAP 1 2000
  • ProSpec Moisture Guard Max


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Placement of self-leveling underlayments:


Barrel mixing or pumping of underlayments provides a sound base for any finished flooring system. Our crews can pour these systems from feather edge to 3" in a single pour. We can also install light weight systems that weigh half the weight of standard concrete.



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3M ESD Tile & Finished Flooring Systems:


ICT's Crews have installed many millions of square feet of 3M's ESD static control tiles throughout North America. Our quality levels are the highest rated of any installer of 3M 8400 Series Tile and we are recognized as 3M's most experienced installer for nearly two decades. Our efficient, quick installations can be completed in existing facilities with minimal disruption to ongoing manufacturing processes. Our clean construction practices, dustless systems and low VOC materials highlight our installation programs. These same installation techniques apply to any of the finished flooring systems of floor coatings we install.



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